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IECON 2024, Chicago, IL
November 3-6, 2024

Chris Schulze

Vice President Sales,

CODESYS Corporation, USA

Biography: Chris is a sales and Business Development and Marketing Manager with a track record of increasing revenue, expanding market visibility, and growing market share.  With more than 38 years of professional experience in the automation of technical processes in different industries. Success at establishing innovative companies as industry leader. Leveraging a unique combination of solution sales acumen and technical and marketing expertise to communicate with all levels of organizations. Experienced at developing and achieving Fortune 500 global sales strategies.


CODESYS Virtual PLC and CODESYS Virtual Safety.


The latest evolution of Industrial Automation 5.0

CODESYS Virtual Control has no hardware requirements. The CODESYS Virtual Control is a more advanced product towards the future. It allows the CODESYS Soft PLC to run in a virtual environment without the need for a device. Instead, the device gets replaced by containers and hypervisor technologies.


With CODESYS Virtual Safe Control, any containerized platform can be used as a safety controller - including safety SIL3 certification.

The software solution creates dual-channel capability through "Diversified Encoding", which is based on "Coded Processing".

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