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Approved Panel Sessions


Panel Session 1: Thermal Energy Storage for Space Heating and Cooling In Smart Grid Applications

Panel Session 2: 6G Secure and Resilient Wireless Communication for Industry 5.0

Panel Session 3: Inverter dominated grids for the future: How to solve emerging challenges using AI/ML and advanced computing?

Panel Session 4: Revisit Power Systems Stability with Inverter-Based Resources (IBR)

Panel Session 5: Recent Advances in Optimization and Control for Resilient Operations in Power Grids

Panel Session 6: Artificial Intelligence in Utilities, Pitfalls and Successes

Panel Session 7: Resilience Enhancement for a Highly Decarbonized Power Grid

Panel Session 8: Empowering Energy Storage: Collaborative Strategies for Industry Acceptance and Deployment

Panel Session 9: Using AI/ML for extracting business insights from big data in energy systems

Panel Session 10: Stability Analysis of IBR-dominated Power Grids

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