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Takehiro Ishiguro

Development Manager,

Mitsubishi Electric, USA

Biography: Takehiro is Development Manager for new business in Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation Business Group. He started his career in 2013 at Corporate IT Research Lab. Since then, he is researching Industrial Network and Cyber Security, Cloud Application, and Business Model Transformation. He has accomplished many research projects including Japanese Government Funded project and International Joint-Research with Fraunhofer and Stanford GSB. He is currently located in San Jose Bay Area and his role is to create partnerships with startups and other parties to seek for the seeds of next generation Factory Automation Business.


How startups can boost technology and business development

Abstract: Nowadays, it is common for companies to source their new technologies from external organizations like startup. Here, from the experience of Mitsubishi Electric’s Open Innovation Activities, strategies we take will be explained along with hints and tips of how large corporates can successfully manage cross-border open innovation activities. This presentation will cover the topic of Manufacturing Automation, which is one of the core business Mitsubishi Electric operates. Some examples of our activities will be shown, from the engagement to Go-To-Market of how we introduce state-of-the-art technology into our portfolio.

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